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2022 Table Talks

This is your time to contribute to the discussion. Choose a table topic and presenter that you are interested in having a discussion with. It would be appreciated if each table could have a scribe so thoughts and discussions can be shared at a later time after the Symposium. Please feel free to move from table to table during this time.

Table 1: 

Developments in Montessori Research: time to talk

Facilitated by:

Dr. Angela Murray

Table 3:

Education and Outreach Director, Montessori Science Program

Facilitated by:

Dr. Corey Borgman

Table 5:

Updates on Accreditation: Ask us Anything

Facilitated by:

Aimee Fagan and Erin Moore

Table 7:

Embracing our Connections Around the World

Facilitated by:

John Hunter

Table 2:

What is a Residency Program Model?
Training teachers while they are teaching. How do we guarantee quality?

Facilitated by:

Dr. Charis Sharp, Katie Mosquera, and Laure Fleming

Table 4:

Updates from Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI)

Facilitated by:

Wendy Shank Evans, Denise Monnier, and Vyju Kadambi

Table 6:

Inside Look at What it Means to be a MACTE Board Member

Facilitated by:

Dr. Mark LaCelle Peterson, Dr. Ashley Morris, and Dr. Katie Keller Wood

Table 8:

National Workforce Registry Alliance Updates and Discussion

Facilitated by:

Dr. Kimberlee Belcher Badal

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