2021 Virtual Table Talks

We encourage you to come and go from these table talks as you would if we were together face-to-face. They will be held as breakout rooms within the same Zoom Meeting as the keynote sessions.

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Table 1: 

Assessing Adult Learners in a Virtual World: Exploring virtual strategies for assessing projects, material making, albums, and practicums

Table 3:

University Programs, Networking

Facilitated by:

Julie Kugler-Ackley

Table 5:

The Role of Accreditation in Educator Preparation:  Through the Lenses of Four Different Educator Accreditors

Table 2:

Growing up Different:
Many children in our classrooms seem like all other well developed and stable children, but hiding under that outside mask is a very different secret. A secret that for many is a terrifying reality. Growing up different in who you feel you are, and how you are seen by the outside world can, for many, be the defining aspect of their lives. So how do we create environments that allow for these children to feel safe, accepted and willing to peek out from behind the mask. Come join us for a table discussion on “Growing up Different.”

Facilitated by:

Geoffrey E. Bishop

Table 4:

Trauma Informed: How to Prepare Teachers

Facilitated by:

Dr. Gary Pelton

Table 6:

What We’re Listening For: Where Advocacy and Self-Care Meet - Follow-Up Discussion

Facilitated by:

Peter Mishler