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2022 MACTE Annual Award Recipients

Dennis Schapiro Award for Innovation in Montessori
Teacher Education

Dennis Schapiro was an innovator, a teacher, a leader and a friend, who was not afraid to bring about change. The Dennis Schapiro Award for Innovation in Montessori Teacher Education is given to an individual who has brought about significant change in the Montessori community.


The recipients of this award have and continue to:

  • Developed an innovative approach to Montessori teacher education;

  • Are aware and addressed a specific need in Montessori teacher education;

  • Have taken advantage of new opportunities;

  • Have removed barriers and broadened the reach of international education;

  • Have shared innovative evidence regarding how they assess their adult learners;

  • Have cooperated and collaborated with Montessori teacher education programs and institutions in the US and in other countries.


MACTE is pleased and honored to announce the recipients for the Dennis Schapiro Award for Innovation in the Montessori Teacher Education are:

Ana Maria Photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Ana María García Blanco

Wisdom of the Elders

by Feland L. Meadows


The Wisdom of the Elders Award is given by MACTE to distinguished Montessori educators in recognition of a lifetime of dedicated, heartfelt service to Montessori education. This award is conferred upon unique individuals whose life's work has been devoted to preparing teachers, to teaching children and to strengthening the institutions that serve the Montessori community of interest, both in the U.S. and around the world. 


Some have traveled literally to the ends of the earth to make Montessori education available to children in faraway places by preparing their teachers.


Others have labored tirelessly in our cities and counties and states and in our nation to make Dr. Maria Montessori's research based, proven method of scientific pedagogy available to tens of thousands of children.


All of them have devoted their lives to sharing the Secret of Childhood -- that the sensitive periods are the most powerful times for learning, and that responding to the child's Inner Teacher is the integrating principle that makes the Montessori system of education the most effective in helping each child achieve his or her highest potential both in school and in LIFE!


The legacies that these Montessori Elders have created live on through the lives of the thousands of Montessori teachers they have prepared and through the lives of the tens of thousands of children that their graduates have taught and will teach for many years to come.


Their work was not done for personal recognition or for great financial reward. It was done for the children. 


These very special colleagues have transformed thousands of lives. For up to four decades, they have helped to move Montessori education forward significantly in America and around the world.


Their long experience has made them wise in the ways that will make it possible for us to increase the influence of Montessori education in our time. We can all benefit greatly from their experience by listening to them.


Dr. Montessori once said:


"We are climbing, and if all we think about is putting one foot before the other, fatigue will overtake us long before we reach our goal. But if we walk in a group, happy at the thought of the marvelous view we will surely discover up there, we will reach the summit without fatigue and will benefit in both joy and health." Maria Montessori(1948/73)


The Montessori leaders that we honor have reached the summit without fatigue with both joy and health. They can see the marvelous view and they are happy to share it with us.


MACTE is pleased and honored to announce the recipients for the Wisdom of the Elders Award are:

Sandra Wyner Andrew.jpg

Sandra Wyner Andrew

Ginny headshot.png

Ginny Cusack

Matilda Giampietro Head ShotIMG_6803.jpeg

Matilda Giampietro

Christine Munn Headshot.jpeg

Christine Munn

Karen Simon.jpg

Karen Simon

Susan Cohan Headshot_edited.jpg

Susan Bakel Cohen

Picture of HDV (1).JPG

Helen DeVere

Marjorie Horton 1.jpg

Marjorie W. Horton


Aileen O’Keeffe

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